| Surrender |

over the past couple of years…

I have received so much of what I was seeking because I surrendered.

I surrendered my frantic monkey mind.

I surrendered my body back to its natural state of health.

I surrendered old identities and stories, relationships, patterns and behaviors, all of which were weighing me down, causing confusion, stagnation, stress and dis-ease.

I became ok with feeling the pain of saying goodbye to that which was once important to me because I knew I was creating s p a c e to be filled by what I desire.

I was returning to the natural environment craved by my mind, body and soul.

This wasn't done in one easy motion nor was this done alone.

I used my BREATH and my BODY to allow my mind to come into clarity. When the mind comes into CLARITY you naturally experience happiness, creativity and purpose. You simply return to the heart. The state of perfection from within. The environment your body craves.

I allowed the calendar to remind me at each NEW MOON phase to recommit to my intention. I began to feel that intention in my body. It was a muscle I was flexing through releasing, reflecting, and integrating.

Cropped Valisha Sauana Jan 2019.jpg

I did the work with my teachers, alone, and in commUNITY and as I did, I felt more at EASE and ABUNDANT than I ever have.

I'm often asked by clients, what exactly does surrendering mean? It can mean different things for people and it changes along the journey. That's the beauty of expansion, there’s never a dull moment.

I ask my clients to begin with deepening a connection to the physical body (our greatest tool) and by identifying places, experiences, things, and people that connect you to your heart in the present moment.

For me I find it's living in "flow" and returning to the place I call HEART every day all day. This place of love. This place of bliss and alignment that brings sooooo much into your life.

It allows us to say no without guilt and yes without fear.

It allows us to choose our own thoughts and reactions from a deep strength or soul alignment.

It allows us to feel loved, safe, healthy, abundant, vital, creative, passionate, worthy, happy, purpose and so much more.

It allows us to GIVE MORE LOVE because when we take care of ourselves first, we are in a much stronger place to take care of those we love.

This month ask yourself if you can connect to your HEART just 5% more.

Start now.

Accept where you are even if it isn't exactly where you want to be.

That's ok.

Allow the contrast between where you are on your journey and where you desire to be, to define your next steps with CLARITY.

Clarity is the first GIFT from your heart.

Accept it with open eyes and an open mind!

xo, V a l i s h a