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Valisha Lasker -


Usui reiki master /cch

Spirituality can be mistaken as living in a fluffy happiness bubble, when in fact it's quite different. It's about shifting and evolving, which requires stepping outside your comfort zone, honoring your feelings (the good and the uncomfortable) and often dismantling safe routines. After many "safe" years in the corporate world instilling confidence in women through external beauty (cosmetics and fashion), I yearned for more. I surrendered to that yearning and started doing more of what I loved. Soon after, I birthed a business and my life and lessons as an entrepreneur began. Working with women directly, rather than behind the corporate barrier, caused my world to light up.  My energy was flowing and I quickly developed a sisterhood of clients. But I still craved something deeper. Then I received a "gift." The world dismantled all that wasn't in alignment, aka my world came crumbling down, and shifts were made for me and eventually by me. Again, I surrendered. Clarity set in. After experiencing my spiritual awakening and realizing firsthand the life changing benefits of daily meditation, connecting with nature and animals, reiki, crystal therapy and herbal care, I began studying and earning certifications so I could share these practices. When I began working with clients on this deeper level, focusing on "inner work," I knew this was my path. It was my gift to myself and my gift to share. 

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Amanda cupo macpherson -


usui reiki master /cch


Born and raised in a beachy town right here in Monmouth County, I was introduced to holistic wellness at an extremely young age, thanks to my mother, and the abundance of New Age shops around us. I can still remember our trips to Red Bank for a store called Magic Rocks-crystals everywhere!

Early on I could not get enough of the holistic and metaphysical world: massage, herbal medicines, chakras, meanings of colors and dreams, tarot, crystals…I loved it all! Studying the body and mind on this level was an active and obsessive hobby throughout my entire life.

After spending years struggling through terrible relationships, mundane jobs, and all together a depressed lifestyle, I started using all of the tools I was so passionate about, and began weekly Reiki sessions. It took about 6 months of hard work and self-love to get to a peaceful place in my life. It was then that it dawned on me – why not put my energy into something that counts? The years of studying and spewing advice to anyone who would listen finally made sense, and it was time to share my gift. Isn’t that what life is about anyway? Finding ourselves in the service of others.

When my husband Mark, and I took over Twisted Tree café in Asbury Park, I was constantly asked questions about illnesses, allergies, weight loss and happiness. Speaking to our customers, on a daily basis, about ways to turn their lives around and watching frowns and worry lines fade from their faces was awe-inspiring for me, and it didn’t take long to figure out that I needed to be in the practice of helping others on a deeper level.

And suddenly…here we are! In partnership with Valisha, and our like-minded practitioners we bring you REMEDY 11. A space for relaxation, remedy for the body and mind, and love for our community. We are here with open arms, ready to give you the healing and support you so deserve.

I look forward to working with you and wish you all the love and peace in the world!

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pat hudacsko - e-ryt 200

Patricia has been practicing yoga since 1997.  In March of 2008 she completed a six month teacher training program at the Freehold Yoga Center in the lineage of Swami Sivananda and has been teaching ever since.  She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, certified thru Yoga Alliance with the designation E-RYT 200. She believes teaching yoga is a constant learning experience and continues to attend trainings, workshops and retreats to deepen her knowledge and sustain her own practice.  Her most recent trainings have been 30 hours of Anusara Yoga with Carmel Calcagno of Yoga Anjali and 55 hours of Yin Yoga with Corina Benner at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York.

With attention to physical alignment to keep students safe in their practice, she offers a playful mix of asana, pranayama and relaxation in her classes.  Subscribing to no particular style or lineage in her active yoga classes, each student can experience the freedom of flowing to his or her own internal rhythm.  Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone regardless of age or physical condition; that yoga is not so much about the pose as it is an internal inquiry that allows us to go deep within to connect to something greater than ourselves.  By taking the patience, acceptance and perseverance we use on the mat into our daily lives we truly learn to live our yoga, enriching our lives and the lives of those around us. Patricia believes that teaching yoga is an honor, a privilege and a tremendous responsibility.  She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers and to those who attend her classes for the opportunity to guide them in their journey.

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alicia perez - e-ryt 200

Alicia began her love of Eastern philosophy at the Ohashi Institute in New York City where she completed training in Ohashitastu with Mr. Ohashi.  Since then, Alicia has completed 200 hour training in Hatha Yoga with Nancy Wile, and holds certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Baby Om (mother and baby yoga) and Children’s Yoga (Hatha).  With a personal practice of Kundalini yoga, she has completed courses in Warriorship Training, Ayurveda, and Unlocking the Life Force, with Jai Dev Singh. Alicia is looking forward to training in the Y4C methodology with Tari Prinster, which is yoga designed for those touched by cancer, and will complete training in December 2018.  Her goal is to empower the yogi to find their inner teacher, ignite the life force and reconnect with their true selves through kriyas, asanas, pranayama and meditation. Understanding that everyone comes to yoga with their own uniqueness, the classes will offer a chance for each individual to experience it on their own level while still being gently guided.  Alicia considers herself to be a teacher and a lifelong student, and strives to incorporate seva, mindfulness and conscious living into her everyday life. She is honored to be in the chain of teacher/student and opens her heart and mind to nurturing a community of love and light through her classes and encourages everyone to breathe, smile and enjoy!

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Robyn martin - e-ryt 200

In 2007, Robyn found yoga as a way to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with everyday life. She soon discovered that her decision to practice yoga would influence all aspects of her life, bringing a sense of calm and centeredness that she had been seeking, in addition to the physical benefits of her practice. Robyn has always been interested in the mind, body and soul connection and is excited to share her experience with her students. Her classes focus on awareness of breath and body and is a meditation in movement - a way to align and balance energy as well as find stillness in the practice.  Robyn’s goal is to help her students open their minds and bodies, allowing their hearts to shine through yoga. Robyn is inspired by a variety of teachers and teaching styles. She is an E-RYT 200, who completed her certification in Vinyasa yoga. Robyn has continued her advanced studies, including certifications in Restorative Level 1 & 2, Yin 125 hr , and Prenatal Yoga, as well as Reiki Level 1 & 2 training. Her influences include Baron Baptiste, Sally Miller, Bryan Kest, Sara Powers and Paul Grilley.

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Katie smaldone - Children’s yoga instructor

Katie attended Monmouth University for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Social Work with a specialization in Clinical Practice with Children and Families. Katie is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of New Jersey, and is a mental health therapist for children and adolescents at Ocean County Social Skills. She became a certified children’s yoga instructor in August of 2018 through Bee You Yoga LLC. Katie has a passion for holistic wellness and nutrition, and incorporates aspects of mindfulness and meditation into her yoga practice with children.

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leesh lundgren - e-ryt 200

Alicia believes in yoga for real people. You’ll find yourself in fun, challenging poses in her class without having to look like an Instagram model to do it. The focus is always on alignment and balance, both physically and mentally. Each class incorporates movement, breathwork, and meditation to deepen your practice.

Although it is always good to keep aiming towards goals and bettering yourself, yoga should be based on your current capabilities in order to achieve growth. Alicia meets you where you are in your journey to help you achieve that next level — in your asana (yoga poses) or through meditation.

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madhuri szabo - e-ryt 200

Madhuri sees herself not as a yoga teacher but as a friend and guide for fellow humans to find their way back home to themselves.  She has spent the last 7 years on such a quest for herself and is inspired to create a safe and clear space for others to experience the expansion of their own spiritual heart.  Of all of the places and pursuits and efforts in an attempt to feel whole, nothing has ever been as gratifying as the experience of true Love of herself exactly as she is. Madhuri’s approach to Yoga is traditional in its application but unique in that it is an organic expression of her own healing.  Madhuri lives in Jackson NJ with her husband and spiritual teacher Krishna Sharma and her beautiful son Kanhaiya. Together they run the Radha Kamalanayan temple where they open their doors to all in search of themselves. 

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Megan has always had a deep commitment to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. After completing her M.S in Exercise Science, she received her 200hr Yoga Teaching & Prenatal Yoga Certification, is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and a ChildLight Yoga Teacher. Megan believes in infusing her passion for mindfulness and yoga into each day. Her philosophy places particular emphasis on a meditative breath, playfulness, and enjoyment in the gift of the present moment. She feels strongly that nature is a key factor in maintaining peace and comfort as it always provides her with a strong sense of wholeness and peaceful awareness. Megan strongly believes in the power of positivity and looks forward everyday to showing both adults and children the beautiful way to honor and connect the mind, body, and breath while reaching towards a healthier and more balanced life.  

Megan Horowitz - e-ryt 200

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mardi leibowitz -

master pilates teacher / total barre certified

Mardi intimately engaged in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years, Mardi holds multiple certifications. For Pilates and Barre: She has been certified and trained through The Physical Mind Institute for Mat and Reformer, IM=X Pilates for Mat and Reformer, PMA (Pilates Method Alliance),and Total Barre through Merrithew Health and Fitness (Stott Pilates). Throughout the years, she has participated and continues to take many Pilates and Barre workshops for continuing education courses including a two-day workshop with Mari Winsor Pilates,Total Barre Endurance 1 and 2, and has taken courses with a couple of "Elders" (people who were original students of Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates Method of Exercise) who became well-known pilates master trainers such as Mary Bowen and Ron Fletcher. Mardi is a Master Trainer whose knowledge, coupled with her patience, dedication and passion, makes her a highly sought after instructor. She is known for balancing her cheerful encouragement with butt-kicking workouts, all while keeping it FUN!  On a daily basis, Mardi is inspired by the changes she sees in front of her as she watches her participants build strength, hard cores, and make health a priority! All of her classes are taught in a multi-level fashion so that anyone can participate. She caters to individual needs and always shows modifications for all exercises.

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melissa bard -

massage therapist


Melissa has been practicing massage therapy for over 13 years and offers many different types of massage including Swedish Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Sports Massage, and Prenatal.. “My work is my passion and I enjoy helping people reach their goals, whether it's working through an injury, a health issue or simply relaxation. I strive to always give my best and then some. My clients’ wellness is my main focus.”

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Veronica Bogomazova -

acupuncturist (L.Ac)

Veronica Bogomazova is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) who is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the state of New Jersey.  She has a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

Veronica’s passion has always been finding the purest path to peace and well-being. With the use of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, she meets her clients where they are in their process of growth and healing. Her treatments are individually crafted based on your specific needs and current symptoms to bring about optimal health. Though she successfully treats a range of health issues, her specialty is in sports injuries, pain management, women’s health, and emotional well-being. Veronica’s goal is to motivate others to be kind and gentle to themselves while staying committed and consistent to their health.

Veronica believes that this medicine can have a profound effect on one’s life, whether that means decreased level of pain, better digestion and sleep, and/or the ability to deal with daily life stresses in a healthier manner. She feels very privileged to be a facilitator of your health and wellness.