Elder : Sambucus nigra

(Berries & Flowers)


🌱ELDERBERRY 🌱is one of our family’s go-to herbs

Elderberry Syrup tastes great and is easy to make, even I’ve done it in less than an hour.

It’s also much cheaper than buying the gummies or syrup in store.

The kids love it. They remind us if we forget to offer it after dinner.

Starting in the fall, Devin and I take 1 tbsp daily and the kids take 1 tsp.

Even if it’s not taken daily and only taken at the onset, elderberry reduces the duration of cold and flu because it helps stimulate the immune system and resist infection.

As an antiviral, it interferes with virus replication and strengthens cell walls to inhibit viral penetration (Hoffmann, 2013).

The flavonoids in elderberry inhibit H1N1 flu virus activities, with elderberry extract comparing favorably to Tamiflu and Amantadine (Roschek, et al., 2009)

Elderberry also relieves coughs and congestion associated with lower respiratory viral infections, promoting expectoration of mucus associated with bronchial infections.

I enjoy the potent herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals brand on Amazon.

Watch our elderberry how to video on our Instagram or FB page. Thank you Devin for keeping us healthy and connected to Mother Earth’s medicine.