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A 75-minute class that features slow-paced postures, the use of props, gentle meditative exercises, and relaxed breathing. Yin yoga utilizes Yin asanas (restful postures held for long periods of time to facilitate the release of muscles and connective tissue) in contrast to Yang asanas (more energetic poses designed to stimulate the energy in the body.) Because of this, those who find themselves utilizing Yang energy throughout the day find Yin yoga to be the perfect rebalancing practice. Yin is designed to be quiet, restful, and rejuvenating. This class is suitable for every level, including those with no prior yoga experience.


A 75-minute floor-based class that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed by combining passive stretching with restorative floor yoga poses.  Supported by elements to help ease the mind, encourage healing and foster a deep state of relaxation, this yoga cares for the subtle body, calms the nervous system and encourages us to tap into deeper layers of awareness.  This class is suitable for every level, including those with no prior yoga experience.

baby om

This 60-minute class gives new mothers a chance to further bond with their babies as well as other new moms in a welcoming community. Perform gentle stretches with baby, learn baby massage and gentle yoga poses for mama's healing postnatal body.  Ages three months to one year.

Li'l Yogis 

In this 30 minute class your little yogis will sing, dance and play all while learning yoga. Yoga will help with body awareness and coordination, improve concentration and help the kids deal with challenges. We end each class with a rest and a circle of friendship. Ages three to eight years old.


This 60-minute class focuses on the special needs of expectant mothers and ways to bring comfort to your growing body in a safe and nurturing environment.  We utilize asana, pranayama and meditation to get your body, mind, and soul ready for birth and beyond. Learn relaxation methods to use during labor and delivery, while strengthening the muscles needed to assist in the delivery process.



This 60-minute is an all inclusive, all level Hatha yoga class that takes a relaxed approach to your practice.  Even if you are new to yoga this class will be a great way to introduce you to the basic principles of asana, breathing exercises and meditation.  We feel lighter and more connected as we move, breathe and relax.



A 30-minute class dedicated to becoming calm and present in your everyday life. Come sit and learn how to reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and confusion, help control thoughts, boost the immune system, feel peace and balance.  This class is suitable for every level, including those with no meditation practice.

Moving meditation

This Kundalini-based, 60-minute class uses movement and meditation to unlock the life force (prana). Utilizing mudra, mantra, pranayama and kriyas we will use our physical bodies to connect with our spiritual bodies and use the sound quality (naad) in chanting to create an internal environment that allows us to live in a more present and connected way. This class is suitable for every level, including those with no meditation practice.


Mat Pilates

This 60-minute floor-based class strengthens your core, increases flexibility and improves overall muscle tone creating a longer, leaner body. Every level welcome.


Designed for mommies to be! The class is suited for those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. All exercises are designed to keep your trunk and pelvic floor muscles strong. We also focus on upper body strength so that you can properly lift and carry your newborn postpartum.


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