ben surette

.:. Usui Reiki Master

.:. Certified Crystal Healer

.:. Wellness Coach 

Handle @bsurette22
I found in my late 30s, working as a creative professional, that I let myself get so wrapped up in modern society values and other peoples views, that I had lost my connection to soul. That’s when I starting seeking truth and balance. Physically broken at the time, this started with learning how to eat properly for my body and finding the movement that would complement that. Crafting a meditation practice during this time was a life changer! It is the catalyst of lasting change as it connects the higher self with the physical world. My path illuminated before me as I worked through the knots I had tied over the years. Each layer bringing me closer to soul and helping find new ways to connect to everything around. Through this, I awakened to the knowing that we are all connected by a universal energy, in ways that are beyond what our 5 human senses can detect. My journey has led me to helping others on theirs, and it is a never ending dance of shadow and light. There are many ways to access the space for healing within, I serve to help discover the modes that work for raising our individual and collective vibration.
I am guided by native spirits that have an abundance of ancient wisdom to share. Together with mother earth, I channel this energy using Reiki, crystals, sound waves, and breath. Let us find the combination that unlocks true healing and promotes love in all realms of consciousness!
In addition to being a healer, I am an artist and designer. I have a passion for sound healing, art therapy, and nutrition coaching. These areas will complement my current experience, so be on the look out for these offerings in the future!

Offerings …


Will balance and align the energy within the body. Likely to include the healing energy of crystals. May include shamanic tools such as rattles, guided meditation and breathwork.(60 mins) $80


A sacred space to explore your personal journey. Tapping deeper into how the Universe is influencing your current vibration. Helping you craft a holistic lifestyle and expand through your heart and soul. (90 mins) $120

.:. ManUp Gathering

Men supporting men in embodying a balanced masculinity to be a force of love, strength, and unity. With a devotion to continual inner-exploration, this is a safe space to breakdown the old paradigm and to find and explore our purpose. Utilizing the power of ceremony and ritual, I am committed to building an alchemical space for men to be witnessed, heard, and accepted so they ignite their inner fire and show up fully present to life. $40

Book HERE or call 732.362.0411