September 14th 2018 was my first time at remedy 11…

I had briefly known Valisha and had texted her that I was going through some challenges, and wondered if her new wellness studio might be a good fit for me. After discussing some of my ailments, both physical (hip pain) and emotional (anxiety and sleeplessness), she suggested I come in for a Reiki session with her. Having only heard of Reiki, I didn’t have any expectations or knowledge of what a “session” was even like, nor did I understand the full ramifications of the experience. Until it happened.

I entered into the wellness studio and immediately felt a calmness wash over me. From the fragrant woodsy smells of palo santo and essential oils, to the hot tea handed to you with a smile, for consumption on the cozy, green couch; the atmosphere surpasses that of a traditional spa like invitation, because you sense the powerful and positive energy within.

My initial session lasted approximately two hours. I signed up for the 1-on-1 Intuitive Guidance with Valisha and we spent the beginning of the session talking. I refer to it as the time when I gave her the cliffs-notes-version of the past 25 years of my life. After talking we performed a brief meditation together. Having never meditated, I fell easily into her guidance as she talked me through the experience, relaxing my breath and becoming more aware of my surroundings. It was peaceful and allowed me the opportunity to slow down and ready myself for the reiki guidance. After the meditation, I selected some oracle cards from the decks she had displayed and then I laid on the massage table, while she placed crystals on and around my body.

After the session my emotions were high, and I had, what I would have called at the time, many oddly “coincidental experiences.” In the coming days, weeks even, I began to feel a shift in my demeanor. Sadness and things that felt heavy had begun to leave me while a swirling of excitement and effervescence for life came alive. At first I didn’t know how to process all of the things I was feeling. Valisha suggested I continue meditation and I began coming to Monday afternoon class, as well as doing it on my own at home.

Enjoying the feeling within me, I decided to participate in other events at Remedy11, the infrared sauna (wow, that one is awesome) as well as more reiki, massage and other classes, such as Yin Yoga and Moving Meditation. I even joined a transformation circle. In the short time I’ve been going to Remedy11 on a regular basis, I’ve gone off both my prescribed sleep and anxiety medications. I’ve made new friends and left corporate America to launch my own company, something I’ve wanted to do for years. The support and kindness I’ve received is nurturing and encouraging and I know there is always a safe and happy place I can turn to when life gets chaotic.

While I can’t guarantee your experience will be as life altering as mine, I can guarantee that you will find a cozy couch with an awesome vibe and an amazing community of people in this hidden gem located right in the heart of Englishtown.